Battery Recycling - The New Challenges

The Automotive Battery Industry has for some time been very successful in recycling Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB). This is partly because of the value of the components but also because of the efforts by the ABIA and it's members. With a number of new batteries of other chemistries coming onto the market, it is obviously desirable to recycle all batteries. In particular, there are now Lithium batteries that are available as LA replacements. These must not be allowed to be mixed in with ULAB as the result could be dangerous to personnel and property.

The Battery Stewardship Council (BSC) was set up in 2013 to address the increasing amounts of batteries being supplied into the Australian market, that were ending up in land fill. ULAB was not included because there was already a working recycling process. In fact, over 95% of ULAB are being recycled against less than 3% of other chemistries. 

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