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Welcome to this introduction to the Australian Battery Industry Association Limited (ABIA).

·       The ABIA was formed in October 1990 to serve the interests of Australian companies involved in the wholesaling of replacement automotive batteries in the Australian market place. Membership coverage now accounts for approximately 95% of automotive battery volumes in Australia.

·       Since inception the ABIA has been involved as the wholesale automotive battery industry representative with entities such as ACCC, Federal and State Environment Departments, MVRIC (NSW), Attorney-General's Department, National Transport Commission, WorkSafe Victoria, Advisory Committee for the Transport of Dangerous Goods, etc. In the latter case, key concessions have been granted to the Association's Members across successive editions of Australian Dangerous Goods Code that contribute to the safe and efficient the transport of automotive lead acid batteries, many of which have since been progressively incorporated the Code.

·       In the last few years the ABIA has welcomed the inclusion of non-automotive applications of lead-acid batteries, and now includes members who wholesale lead-acid batteries for Standby Power, Energy Storage, Electric Fork Lifts and other applications.

·       Representation in the Association ranges from multinationals to sole proprietors involving both local manufacture and importation with individual distribution coverage across national, multi-state and regional.

·       The Objects of the ABIA are codified in the Memorandum of Association.

·       ABIA is an Associate Member of Battery Council International

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